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XTERRA Punta del Este Tour 2018

- Uruguay -
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XTERRA Activities

XTERRA Open Water

XTERRA Open Water (open water)

Distance: 3000 meters

Category: Individual

Open Water is a swimming discipline that consists of swimming in open places like the sea, lakes or rivers instead of swimming in a pool.

In the first edition of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, the swimming competition was held in open water. The first swimming competition at the Open Water Olympic Games took place in Beijing 2008 and covered a distance of 10 km. 

XTERRA Trail Run

XTERRA Trail Run

Distances: 10 km. and 21 km.

Category: Individual

40 qualifying spots for the best classified in each age group, according to Roll Down regulations (if the qualifying person is not present at the time of the award, their spot will be given to the next qualifier and so on).

XTERRA Trail Run runs all over the world, from fun runs of 5 km up to resistance tests on trails of 60 km. The age group winners get one of the SLOTS for the World Championship Trail Run 21 km off-road. The XTERRA Trail Run World Championship will take place in December 2018 on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

XTERRA Triathlon, Modalidades - XTERRA Punta del Este, Uruguay - Trail Run - Open Water.

XTERRA Triathlon Off Road

Distances: Swimming 1500 meters / MTB 30 km. / Run 9 km.

Category: Individual and team

XTERRA offers endurance athletes from around the world the opportunity to compete in some of the most diverse, spectacular and challenging natural environments on the planet, from the rainforests to the snow-covered Alps.This World Championship is held in Kapalua – Maui, Hawaii. Elite triathletes compete for more than $570,000 in cash, while ages groupers compete for national titles and world rankings.

XTERRA Punta del Este 2018

XTERRA Punta del Este 2018

26 Slots for the XTERRA Triathlon World Championship 2018 - Hawaii, USA


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